Security System Monitoring Perth

Security System Monitoring Perth

Alarm monitoring gives you added peace of mind.

Worried about what you’d do if your alarm was ever activated?
With 24-hour monitoring you’ll get immediate action from security professionals.

Monitored alarm systems are linked to a Western Australian based monitoring station, which is staffed by
security experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A monitored alarm system can offer:


  • Assured notification to key holders in the event of alarm.
  • Options to have a trained security guard respond.
  • Absolute peace of mind.

How does alarm monitoring work?
Alarm monitoring uses the following three steps process:

  • Alarm activated – Your home security alarm or smoke detector is activated; the monitoring station is notified and initiates a response.
  • Monitoring station notified – The monitoring station identifies multiple activations, which strongly indicates a lot of movement inside the home.
  • Monitoring station responds – The monitoring station alerts your contact person or list of nominated contacts.